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Seattle synth-rock quartet JUPE JUPE have four albums and keep absolutely killing it with their ’80s New Order meets Franz Ferdinand vibe. And, they appear on our latest Series Four beer labels.

Like New Order, singer My Young’s voice is dramatic and moody. Combined with waves of haunting synthesizers, jagged guitars and pulsating beats, Jupe Jupe creates mournful pop music that moves. Formed in 2010, the Seattle four write infectious tracks about unrequited lust, love and heartache, influenced by British new wave, ‘60s European spy films and lonely, ghost-town Americana.



June Jupe continues to build that distinct, formidable soundscape over its four releases: Invaders, Reduction in Drag, Crooked Kisses, and Cut-Up Kisses (the band’s recent remix album—featuring mixes by musicians Lusine, Rick G. Nelson of the Afghan Whigs, and more). The group’s songs have received nationwide airplay throughout the U.S. and Canada, and the band played the CMJ Music Marathon Festival last October 2014 in NYC.

Jupe Jupe is made up of My Young on vocals and synths, Bryan Manzo and Patrick Partington on guitars, and Jarrod Arbini on drums and percussion. The four members are veterans of the Seattle and Austin indie pop and prog scenes (Pleasurecraft, The Cinematics [the U.S. band], Maximum Coherence During Flying). The band records at Jupiter Studios with producer Martin Feveyear (who has worked with REM, Modest Mouse, Robert Fripp, and Death Cab for Cutie). Because they have such deep roots in this particularly famous music landscape, we asked My Young to join our esteemed panel of curators to help us compose the next round of Series art beer labels. Check out the entirety of our Series Five judges here.

Other than making sick music you can move to, the band most recently did a pretty cool commercial for Verity Credit Union, which gives you a pretty accurate snippet of their signature sound in 30 seconds. See it here. Then head over to Jupe Jupe’s website, www.jupejupemusic.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Bandcamp for more. Much More Jupe Jupe.

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