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Shalak Attack

Just Tapped: Shalak Attack from Collective Arts Brewing on Vimeo.

Canadian-Chilean artist Shalak Attack’s work appears on our Series 3 labels, as well as on paintings, murals, canvasses, and graffiti all over Canada, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, France, Belgium, and more. A strong believer in the healing powers of art, Shalak has facilitated visual art workshops to youth of under-privileged communities and prisoners in various countries across the world. Her favourite places to paint are public walls. It’s there that she uses vibrant colours to fuse the spirit and energy of traditional South American muralist with contemporary street art style. She uses graffiti as a bridge of culture for an array of communities.

Shalak is coming to the brewery this summer! Stay tuned..

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