Just Tapped: Billy Moon

Just Tapped: a series of short, intimate video conversations that bring light to artists, musicians and the creative consciousness. We talk to artists about creativity, and the joy their work brings them. This series stems from Collective Arts’ DNA; creativity lives in everything that we do, and here we expose the passion that drives artists’ and their craft


Billy Moon is exciting, unpredictable, noisy garage rock in the spirit of Ty Segall, The Stooges, and the White Stripes. Played with just a guitar and a set of drums, this Hamilton based two piece is set to bring uproarious sounds into existence. It’s rocking out to teenage angst from the perspective of a burned out parent. It’s the fire in the belly that gets us through the day. It’s weird, it’s loud, and it’s fun.

Just Tapped: Billy Moon from Collective Arts Brewing on Vimeo.

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