Just Tapped: Grand Analog

Just Tapped: a series of short, intimate video conversations that bring light to artists, musicians and the creative consciousness. We talk to artists about creativity, and the joy their work brings them. This series stems from Collective Arts’ DNA; creativity lives in everything that we do, and here we expose the passion that drives artists’ and their craft.


Grand Analog is a raw collective of seasoned record collectors, musicians and self described beat junkies. You can easily find any of these characters DJing at various clubs around Toronto or Winnipeg. Band leader and creator, Odario Williams, describes the Grand Analog sound as a beautiful mess of rap’n’roll, dub and soul. The band’s critically acclaimed albums, “Calligraffiti” and “Metropolis Is Burning”, boasted an infectious array of soundscapes that was unbalanced and dirty; never clean.

We sat down with them to talk about their creative process.


Just Tapped: Grand Analog from Collective Arts Brewing on Vimeo.

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