Just Tapped: HIGHS

Just Tapped: a series of short, intimate conversations that brings light to artists, musicians and the creative consciousness. We talk about what drives artists’ creativity, and the joy their work brings them. This series stems from Collective Arts’ DNA; creativity lives in our soul, and here we expose the passion that drives creativity and their craft.


Since the 2013 release of their self titled EP, the band, made up of Doug Haynes, Karrie Douglas, Joel Harrower, and Paul Vroom, has veered from its signature tropical pop sounds into heavier, moodier territory. Dazzle Camouflage, released in April 2016 in Canada and set for a November release in Europe, is a kaleidoscope of imagery and bold colours combining vibrantly upbeat instrumentation with thoughtful and passionate lyricism. Produced by Luke Smith (Foals, Depeche Mode), the 11 track LP explores the theme of perception versus reality. The way we as individuals are perceived and the way we try to mislead to portray ourselves as something we’re not.


Just Tapped: Highs from Collective Arts Brewing on Vimeo.

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