Kristen Solecki is an artist that uses paint and ink to translate stories and moments. Her work is full of life, brought out by washes of colour layered over the page and not-quite-straight lines. These elements bring each piece movement and delightful character. Living in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband, who writes songs, and their tortie cat, who sometimes likes to walk through her paint and inks, her life and her work certainly reflect the whimsy in one another.


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Solecki loves creating pieces that make a connection with others, and draws much of her inspiration from nature, which you can see in the organic quality of her work. Her use of line and colour, although stark and often bright, has a natural feel in the way they each move and come together. Solecki has also said that some of her work is influenced by nostalgia – memories, people around her, and her current experiences. Growing up in an old, historic town, you can see that reflected in her many wonderful illustrations of tall, old buildings stacked side by side.

Although she sells her art and prints at markets, galleries and in her Etsy shop, Solecki uses her talents to create art in different forms, as well. She has teamed up with Chelsea Lawler of ‘a lovely, little shop’ to translate her prints and patterns to accessories – coin purses, pouches, and beach bags. She has also created the art for Tim LeVan Miller’s recent album cover, which came out just last month.


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Solecki’s illustrations have also recently been featured on Mad Men; in Taproot Magazine, the cover of Skirt Magazine, and The History Press Publishers; and in many markets, private shops, and galleries in the United States. She also teaches several workshops on drawing, printmaking, and painting.

To keep up with Kristen Solecki’s work and many projects, you can check out her website and Etsy shop, or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She is currently working on pieces for a collaboration with a/perture cinema, so look out for that coming up soon!

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