Kristopher Kotcher (aka FRENEMY) is an American illustrator/street artist from Austin, TX currently living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. If you feel like there is an element of wackiness to his work that can only be found in the weird world of cartoons, thats because there is. He is highly influenced by the animated shows he used to watch as a child. He wants to take you back to that time of wonderment, discovery and imagination. To feel the way you did as a kid. Yup, well take it.

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Our Series Four artist also goes by the name Frenemy, which comes from Kristopher’s background in graffiti that he’s been doing for 15 years now. Because of the polarized views people seem to take when it comes to street art (you either love it or hate it), Frenemy seemed like the perfect fit for his moniker. Kristopher has also built an ever-expanding world (empire, if you will) of quirky colourful characters, or ‘frenemies’, with his art.

A self-taught artist, he did attend some college studying animation and graphic design. Although he works digitally, he prefers the traditional mediums of watercolour, gouache and ink. A bit of a self-described hermit, you can find him hulled up in his studio most days, forever drawing, creating and imagining (our kinda guy). He places integral meaning to the titles of his work. Names like our Series Four label art ‘Wild in the Streets’ are intended to make the viewer stop and take another look. To see the art in a new way. To create a narrative for the viewer to see in their mind. A combination of colour, patterns, shapes and lines make up Christopher’s unique pieces, and as you can probably tell by now, he has a deep love for hamburgers, cartoons, cats, castles and strange / awesome monsters & things. He does not like spiders, paper cuts, and brussel sprouts.


Kristopher’s long list of varied and impressive clients include Converse, Collective Arts Brewing (HI!), travel site Trover, Transmission Entertainment, New Orleans’ comedy festival Hell Yes Fest, Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, South Korea’s Eloquence Magazine, and Unsung Skateboard Magazine, to name but a few. He was most recently working with street artists Holm The Tooth (Germany) and Liar Ben (Vietnam) in an ultra cool group exhibition entitled ‘Trivium’ at Vin Gallery in Saigon, that took place at the end of March. That’s not the first time he’s teamed up with Holm. Check out this video of their collaboration artwork in conjunction with Saigon Outcast‘s 2-year anniversary back in January: Frenemy x Holm The Tooth

As for future projects, Kristopher will soon have a world-wide artist series sneaker released with US-based Bucketfeet, and is working on a video game app with an Australian app company called Tasty Face Games. AND, he’s in the middle of working on his first children’s book.

Keep up with Kristopher and admire his work on his website,, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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