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It’s no secret that the Toronto music scene holds some incredible talent. One of these local bands with such stature is Series Four’s Language Arts, the brainchild of guitarist, composer and singer Kristen Cudmore, along with her band mates Neil MacIntosh, Joel Visentin and Søren Nissen. Their sound is a blend of indie pop, hip-hop and prog rock – AKA, right up our alley of musical heaven.

There is much to discover when listening to Language Arts. Kristen’s soft vocals tend to glide ever so smoothly across Joel’s atmospheric keyboards and Søren’s even bass line. There’s a lot of build with these guys, too: songs tend to start off mellow but end with such pow you can’t help but feel uplifted and inspired.



Besides her unique ability to switch seamlessly from Joanna Newsome-y chill to rapid spitfire rap in her singing, Kristen’s guitar playing really takes the band to the next level. Classically trained, from the school of the grandfather of the classical guitar himself, Andres Segovia, her riffing skills are on point. A Nova Scotia native previously based in Vancouver, Kristen has been recording and performing across Canada and in Europe with Language Arts since 2006, playing shows at The Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler, Sled Island, NXNE, CMW, TD International Atlantic Jazz Festival, Halifax Pop Explosion, Jenseits von Millionen and at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, among others.

Their mighty sound is turning heads once again: Just last week, their latest single ‘Neighbours’ off their new album, ‘Able Island’, caught the attention of our good pals at Indie88, Toronto’s greatest radio station, and made it on their Under The Radar list for a chance to get rotation! Please help get these guys some airplay – vote here!

‘Able Island’ will be out October 9th through MapleMusic Recordings. The album is said to be a tribute to Nova Scotia and its Sable Island. Exclaim! lists the 11-song track list (plus a sweet trailer for ‘Able Island!’) here.

Give these rising stars a listen on their website,, and absolutely follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@la_languagearts). Oh, and check out when they played our Series Four Label Reveal Party at The Garrison here. Rumour has it the band has a tour coming up in the fall and you do not want to miss out. Big things are happening for this foursome; be there for it.

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