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With such words as ‘profound’, ‘primal’, and ‘introverted’ being used to describe their sound, it’s no wonder musicians and CAB Series One Artists, Les Jupes, are being hailed one of Canada’s most complex acts.


Head In The Sand’s Winnipeg rockers, Les Jupes, are a quintet armed with incredibly well-crafted songs. Their latest album, Negative Space, comes in the form of a short and – scratch sweet – dark EP, featuring four sombre yet catchy tunes. With a beautiful mix of intricate melodies and hooks that draw you in, Negative Space is nothing short of epic – and we don’t like to use that word lightly.

Despite the range of emotions they can put you through, Les Jupes are a jovial bunch. We caught up with band member Michael P Falk before their show at Toronto’s Supermarket Thursday, November 28th. Read on for their take on Negative Space, Germany and beer:

Your latest EP, Negative Space, came out a few months ago. If you could pick one song that sums up the overall feel of the album, which one would it be and why?

I think “Save Your Friends” summarizes the vibe of the EP the best – it combines our love of both quiet and loud, and is about having to make tough decisions and working really hard.


What was your reaction to seeing your album cover on a beer label? What made you submit to Collective Arts Brewing?

It’s really great! The image is a portion of a photograph by our friend Steven Miller that we took in Rattlesnake Lake near Seattle. We’ve always really loved the picture and are thrilled it can find another life on a beer bottle. When we were presented with the opportunity, how could we pass up submitting? We’re musicians. We love beer. We love art. It’s a natural fit.

We think so, too! You guys seem to tour a lot in Germany, which we can imagine must get pretty hilarious. Have any unforgettable stories you can share?

Well, we seem to get in trouble every time. At the end of our first tour there, I tried to park our van in our hotel parkade. The van was too tall and I took out the water main of the hotel and flooded the parkade. I was really dreading dealing with the cops but the German police are the friendliest ever – after talking to me they said, “You’ve had a long stressful evening. Go relax and have a beer.”

Haha, hope you took them up on that! What else is in store for Les Jupes fans?

We’re slowly putting the finishing touches on our next record. It’s exciting and we’re really proud of it and hope that people like it. It’s a bit of a departure, but also very much feels like us. I imagine it’ll be out sometime in 2014.

We’ll also continue to tour everywhere we can. We’re starting to make plans for an old-school mail order fan club, too. I want to start sending everyone special recordings, cover songs and personalized packages to really connect to people in a more meaningful way than just the usual “Hey, buy our music and come to a show.”


True Les Jupes style. For more info on the band and to listen to their music, visit http://lesjupes.bandcamp.com/, and Like them on Facebook / follow them on Twitter.

For those who’ll be in Toronto, get your tickets to their Supermarket show here.

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