Lisa Rotenbrug


She paints, designs t-shirts, writes children’s novels, owns a coffee shop, and oh, does graphics design, too. She is not Superwoman (although, almost), but Lisa Rotenberg: remarkable Canadian artist.

How remarkable? Well, Lisa Rotenberg is listed with the National Gallery of Canada and has worked for some of the hottest design firms in Toronto, including Spencer Francey Peters (turned Cundari), for one. Her paintings are playful and often depict adorable moose and polar bears in typical Canadiana winter scenes, like ‘Team Canada Road Trip’ and ‘Freestyle’ sledding.  Her pieces have been commissioned by some of the biggest companies in Canada and her work is seen in corporate and private collections all over the world.


Team Canada Road Trip


First Canadian Limo


Her vibrant personality dictates a career change every ten years or so to keep things interesting. She’s owned her own art gallery, Rotenberg Studio Gallery, and has taught Graphic Design at OCAD University. She’s also written a children’s book called Rodeo Pup that’s been published in Canada, the US and Korea! Children are invited to contact Rodeo Pup at the end of the book and he does not disappoint – a letter goes out to each child from Rotenberg’s computer. Rounding out the list of accomplishments, Rotenberg has also opened on online rare coffee company,





Marvel in her many talents by perusing her website,, and Following her on Twitter and Facebook. You COULD also email Mr. Rodeo Pup.


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