Local boom in micro breweries

In Western Canada, they have swallowed up 14 percent of the beer market. In Quebec, roughly ten percent.

But in Ontario, micro-breweries and craft beers are really in their infancy. And tonight in Hamilton, two new ventures launched entries into a rapidly growing market,

Similar but different is the only way to sum up the experience of seeing a shared passion for unique beer, presented in two, very distinct manners.

What’s flowing from this tap is the latest trend in beer-drinking.

Mark Horsley is co-owner of Brux: “It’s no longer just about hockey and chicken wings.”

That’s for sure. Fraser MacFarlane, and Mark Horsley are business partners, and brothers-in-law. Brux — their new eatery, and micro-brew pub, is all about mixing and matching food with beer.

Horsley: “Which pairs nicely, with a pot of fresh steaming mussels.”

And just a few blocks away, Warren Pyper is pouring his experience as a chef, into a slightly different craft beer adventure.

His Blue Collar Ale is the first offering from The Hamilton Brewery. Available on tap, in some local pubs.

It’s Canadian — but it’s definitely not Canadian.

Piney? Well if that sounds like an unusual taste — you’re just beginning to get the sense of the wide range of flavours available in the world of micro-brewing:

And often, these small brewers become part of a brotherhood, that would rather co-operate rather than compete.

And to Mark — it’s a trend, that is far overdue.

The craft beer trend will really begin to ramp up in Hamilton by next summer. That’s when Nickel Brook and Collective Arts breweries hope to have the former Lakeport Brewery on Burlington Street, turning out some new flavours under the Arts and Science label.

But new, small micro-brews are popping up at pubs and restaurants right across the city, making it tough to keep up with the latest brews. But making the necessary research, both tasty, and fun.

Watch the clip here.

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