Max Whetter

Featured Artist

Max Whetter, born and raised in Cornwall, England is a self-taught artist who is influenced by skateboarding and monsters. His work can be found on our series 6 Stranger than Fiction cans, and he’s also worked with a skateboard company to design a limited-edition skateboard designs.  

Furthering his education and continuously growing in his artistic space is front of mind for Whetter, “I recently started a full time art & design course at Cornwall College to further my experience and hope to go onto a full time career in creative practice,” he explains.

His passion and talent for art stems from his upbringing. “My mother is a fine artist, so I have always been surrounded and encouraged to explore art, artist and various processes.”

tumblr_o59u5tnVrG1v2wsimo1_1280Who or what influences your work?

My influences are quite varied. They range from Piccasso to Andy Warhol, and more recently my surroundings such as the graffiti at skateparks.

What is your creative process like?

My approach to creating a new piece of work invariably starts with a pen drawing, after this stage I carry forward my idea either into paint/ lino cut or mixed media.

How do you feel our Art + Brewing initiative can help emerging artists?

The biggest outcome from your call for art, and helping emerging artists, is the massive global exposure, links to various internet connections, and generally helping to promote my new work.

Learn more about Max Whetter.  tumblr_o9rclb2pk51v2wsimo1_1280

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