Meag Durkin


About Meag

Meag started her career in the private sector, when one day she realized that sitting at a desk wasn’t for her. At 27 years old, her interest in craft beer led her back to school to study brewing at Niagara College. She is now part of our brewing team and is happy to be surrounded by like-minded people, “It’s really inspiring to be around people who are as interested in their work as I am.”

Favourite beer that she doesn’t make: The most memorable beer I’ve ever had is Short’s Brewing Company called Peaches & Cream. It’s a high gravity blonde ale made with lactose and a ton of local peaches.

First beer she ever brewed: Was at Perth Brewery, 80 shilling called “Off Kilt’er”

What she does when she’s not making beer: I home brew, run, and play board games (with a beer close by!)

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