Metz: Three guys, huge sound. Alex Edkins, Hayden Menzies and Chris Slorach bring heavy electric guitar, bass and insanely loud drumming to Series Three and we couldnt be more stoked about all the noise. 

For almost four years now, Toronto band METZ have enveloped basements, skate shops, clubs, and festivals with extra-loud sound. They are throat-ripping vocals meets instrumental feedback in the most perfect way. Their time as a band have seen them sign with Sub Pop and share the stage with acts like Death from Above 1979, Archers of Loaf, Mudhoney, Oneida, Constantines, and NoMeansNo.


Metz1 Metz2


The debut album, also titled Metz, came to be with the help of Graham Walsh from Holy Fuck and Alexandre Bonenfant. Story goes they isolated the band in an old barn for a week with a portable recording rig to capture the music. The waves of feedback and fuzziness you hear is an unintentional yet organic by-product of recording out there, and lends itself atmospherically to each track. Somewhere within all that wonderful cacophony are powerful lyrics to give gravity and poignancy to the entire album. Kudos, boys.

For those living in Canada, you’re in luck. The guys are hitting a bunch of cross-country venues in January-February 2015 before heading to the US. All dates can be found here.

For more on this awesome trio, hit their website, or follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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