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Michael “A Man Called” Wrycraft is a Juno Award-winning and 5-time Juno Nominated Graphic/Album Designer with a twisted sense of humour, a huge passion for music and over 500 album designs to his credit including Lightfoot, Cockburn, Stan Rogers, Rush, Watermelon Slim, Harry Manx, Burton Cummings, Blackie & the Rodeo Kings and many more. His client list is a virtual who’s who in the Folk, Roots & Blues worlds. Wrycraft also curates, promotes and emcees 5 multi-artist Live Tribute Concerts a year at Hugh’s Room, Toronto and is a Main Stage Emcee at Music Festivals across Canada.

Michael Wrycraft’s digital collage Bluebirds, which was chosen as a Series 6 winner and landed on a beer bottle, was originally meant for a different type of packaging altogether.

Wrycraft, who lives in Toronto and is renowned for his work as a designer of album covers, explains: “Every label design that I have ever sent in to Collective Arts, of which two have won [Wrycraft’s Snakeheart was a Series 2 winner], come from my ‘reject pile,’” Wrycraft says. “They were ideas for albums that got rejected, or a variation on an idea that was used for an album. Bluebirds was a completely different color variation of a cover that I designed for the minimalist composer John Cage, for a recording called Bird Cage.

Read more about him in Adobe Create’s article.


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