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One of the coolest things about our Label Series is discovering artists from around the world. Which is why we’re so excited to profile Series One visual artist, Migel Grase, hailing all the way from Russia.

Migel Grase Threadless

Migel Grase is a guy who wants to defy the conventions of typical ‘art.’ While he does illustrations, prints and canvases, he rarely ever exhibitions, choosing instead to captivate his audience through the Internet.

And captivate he does. Born in 1987, this Moscow-based digital artist has been making visual creations since 2008 and derives most of his work through “Delinealism” or the Pop Surrealist Art Movement. Or, “F#CKING ART” as he calls it. Though hard to define, there is a common, haunting thread to all of his art. There is the frightening aesthetic of blurring lines and faces, but also a political undertone to his work that is quite apparent. He is not afraid of ‘damning the man’, to borrow a line from the Empire Records film.

migel grase1

migel grase2

migel grase4

migel grase3

migel grase5

Besides working on his prints, Migel recently illustrated and published his own fiction book, “Last autumn of Floyd Jealous” and also created a T-shirt design for Threadless.com – depicting an angry Van Gogh throwing flowers, Banksy-style.

Speaking of Banksy, Migel would like to perform daring performances in his future. And if he gets arrested? So be it; at least the world will know his name. We love a guy whose passion for art cannot be contained.

Want more Migel? Head to http://migelgrase.com/ and check him out on Facebook and Twitter – bonus if you can read Russian.

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