Milan Abad

Featured Artist

What stands out for you as one of your favourite career highlights so far?

Last year I was selected to work as the lead designer and art director in small team for the UKF Music & Desperados Beer London team. We art directed and produced an official music video, created the branding, assets and illustrations for the campaign. Experiential, digital and gorilla marketing including graffiti walls, pop street party in brick lane, and making the iconic Old Truman brewery smoke again in 25 years. Art directed and created pop-up music events, including an official UKF venue at the biggest 02 in London, with the biggest artists and names in the Bass music scene.

What are you currently working on?

Currently working on a large scale illustration poster for AEI Media who are partners with UKF music and other record labels. They focus on music events/festivals and content in the dance and bass music scene. The piece is a made-up festival event scene with tons of characters and lots going on which includes all the brands they work with hidden within the drawing. It’s been the biggest and most challenging piece to date. It should turn out great, since I have spent over 100 hours work on it already.

How’d you get started as an artist?

When I was in high-school, I always took art class. I didn’t have prior interest in pursuing a career until I did a Caravaggio inspired paint study, my tutors were so impressed that they recommended me to attend Design college, which is where I discovered illustration, and the rest is history. I always drew stick man comics as a kid though. haha.

Who or what influences your art?

Stories, photography, comics, all sorts of art, sculpture, landscapes, personal experiences, philosophy, fashion, film, music, advertising, people, popular culture, poetry, brands, human anatomy, skulls & the world around me I guess. In terms of artists, I still get inspired by old renaissance and people like Caravaggio, but mostly more current illustrators and designers: Gabz, Yuko Shimizu, Boneface, UNA studio, Lola Beltran to name a few.

What is your creative process like?

It’s a combination of traditional pencil/ink scanned in, coloured and edited digitally. I also sometimes just ink digitally after the sketch, using my Wacom tablet and pen. There are some styles where I just use vectors and it’s digital from the get go.

How do you feel our Art + Brewing initiative can benefit emerging artists?

I feel it can be hard for an artist to be seen or heard, whether it’s music, art, design etc. And I think this collaboration is an exciting and new way to enjoy both the brew, which is also an art form, and also showcase work on different interesting mediums. It’s like a moving exhibition, instead of people having to buy a magazine or go to a gallery, it comes to them and they have it in their hands which is great. It’s also a different way of showcasing work. The taste of the beer and also the quality of the work lend itself to the experience of both taste and visual senses; making it more enjoyable. Creating traction with great ideas and craft, really helps promote the artists and the Brewing craft beer to wider audiences.



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