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Monika Grubizna, a.k.a. Long Muzzle, is a printmaker, illustrator, and dog lover residing in Boston, MA. Originally hailing from Poland, much of her work references the outsider art and 60s era posters endemic in her homeland. Rough shapes, bold patterns, and high contrast color-ways, permeate.

“Since I moved to the United States my art has become more illustrative, vivid and strongly influenced by the new landscapes and people.” Says Grubizna.  “I’m trying to find a new way of approaching themes and techniques, which allows me to develop as an artist. I feel like it’s the right time to take some risks.”



0042In 2010, Monika graduated with honours from Torun, Poland’s Nicolaus Copernicus University with an MA in screen-printing.  Since launching her print-making career Monika has expanded into screen-printing, illustration, and book making. Subsequently she’s won an extensive list of awards in the European art circuit for her prowess. Further fortifying her prolific career, Monika has appeared in over 50 exhibitions and is now included in collections belonging to the International Print Triennial Association, Art Museum Cluj, and Brooklyn Art Library.tlo grubizna_monika_5_detail grubizna_monika_4_detail

Grubizna enjoys affirming her work’s balance between the fine arts and graphic design; a difficult equilibrium for many artists and yet a motivating factor for her selection of screen-printing and book making as a primary artistic outlet. She is currently working on finishing her latest book and is actively seeking a publisher.

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Monika, we love your work! Thank you for sharing your talent with the Collective Arts family.

Check out Monika Grubizna’s Rhyme and Reason Series One bottle label.

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