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Nickel Brook, Cameron’s, and Kate Upton

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This past Wednesday was a pretty big one for craft beer lovers in Hamilton, Burlington… and yes, even the centre of the Canadian Universe, Toronto. Nickel Brook owner John Romano took to the podium at the Hamilton Port Authority and announced that his Burlington brewery and Collective Arts Brewing out of Toronto had joined forces to lease the old Lakeport Brewery on Burlington Street East, effective immediately. The new collaborative craft brewery will be called Arts & Science Brewing Company.

The 50,000-square-foot facility, which used to house Lakeport and prior to them Amstel Canada, is a nifty boost to the area as it will instantly create 20 jobs and then even more employment after the new brewery creates a 10,000-square-foot retail and hospitality area within the building, which will be a venue for live music and art exhibitions. There is absolutely nothing about this that doesn’t rock on an AC/DC-level…

I caught up with John at Nickel Brook on Friday and he happily noted that yes, “I have signed away my life!” First into the building will be a clean-up crew who have a July deadline to pretty the old gal up. Then they will be hauling in and setting up all the brewing equipment they bought when Sleeman shut down its Maritime operation last year. “We will be up and running by winter,” John told me. And creating even more new beers, not to mention continuing the strong lines they already have. Beer Musketeer Glenn lives and dies by Collective Arts’ Rhyme & Reason Pale Ale while I always have growlers of my favoured Nickel Brook Headstock IPA in the fridge at Donny’s Bar and Grill. So by happy coincidence, what’s good for the Beer Musketeers is also good for the craft beer community-at-large and hell, society itself, right? (It’s a little frightening that I actually believe that…)

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