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Wolves, devils, raccoons, oh my. Nikko de Leon is an LA-based illustrator with a handmade art aesthetic and a penchant for animal people. A frequent name at super cool galleries in Los Angeles like GR2, this young artist is about to blow up in his hometown and abroad – aptly beginning his journey with a Rhyme & Reason bottle label as a part of our Series One artists.

Nikko de Leon has been on a steady rise up since graduating from the Pasadena Art Centre College of Design in the fall of 2012. His artwork is lighthearted and fun, often focusing on hipster-clothed wolf and devil people, and humans who don’t seem to mind hanging out with them. He uses a minimalistic sketch approach, many times choosing not to colour in his subjects and using bold mostly primary colours when he does. His work certainly stands out. In fact, he was asked to be a part of LA’s prestigious Society of Illustrators this year.

Book of Revelations - zine


Lily Allen



A creative mind playing with different mediums, Nikko also uses his drawn characters as a basis for physical toys. He’s currently working on a collaborative zine with fellow artist friends, Jon Lau and Caitlin Anne, as well. Instilling that ‘Nikko The Lion’ tongue-in-cheek humour, his series for the zine will be literal translations from the Book of Revelations. It’s enough to make us want to hop on a plane and jet to LA for more goodies from NDL!

Needless to say, Collective Arts Brewing are huge fans of Nikko’s and couldn’t be happier to have him as one of our series artists. To check out more of his intriguing illustrations, check out For news on what he’s up to, follow him on Tumblr.

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