Nordic Söl Gose

So, you know we teamed up with KEX Brewing for our first collaboration brew. It’s about time we tell you about it! Meet Nordic Söl Gose, the first EVER Canadian-Icelandic beer collab. Made with authentic Icelandic ingredients, Arctic thyme and Icelandic sea salt leave this Gose slightly hazy with a tart, clean, and highly carbonated body. The Arctic thyme and sea salt are present but not overbearing creating a balanced, fresh & spritzy finish. Featuring Art + Music by: Prins Polo, Reykjavik, Iceland.

This beer will be heading to Iceland with brewmaster Ryan and the Collective Arts team to showcase it and our other brews at the Annual Icelandic Beer Festival!

When you can get it: February 11, 2017

Where to get it: This brew will be available only through our brewery store and online store.

Where it’s pouring:

Hamilton: Brux House, The Ship, I Heart Beer Festival  (Feb. 11)

Toronto: Loose Moose, Duke’s Refresher, Mascot Brewery (Feb. 21), Farside, The Wren, Craft Brasserie, The Pharmacy, The Hole in the Wall, Joey Restaurant – The Local Public Eatery, Bar Hop, WRST, Wise Bar, Dooney’s Cafe, Pai, Archive, Sonic, Round the Horn, Moto Cafe & Snack Bar, Thirsty & Miserable, Federal, Get Well, The Greater Good, 3030 Dundas West

Ottawa: Union613, Cheshire Cat, 10Fourteen

Other Ontario: Baker Street Station (Guelph), The Wooly (Guelph), The Berlin (Kitchener)

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