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From 90s Athens, Georgia emerged a rock band of fluctuating yet epic proportions. How did they come about, you ask? Frontman Kevin Barnes founded the group in 1996 in the wake of a failed romance between him and a woman of Montreal– and thus, we have of Montreal. Throughout their almost two decades of being a band, their sound has gone through multiple evolutions to produce what is now a vast and beautiful oeuvre documenting moments in Barneslife and state of mind (a little nod to our Session IPA ). 

One thing’s for certain: With every album, Series Four’s of Montreal emerges with a new sound, a new inspiration, and a new re-invention. When they first started in the 90s, they entered the scene as a whimsical indie-pop band. They were a part of Elephant 6, a collective of American musicians who spawned many notable bands. of Montreal shared the escapist, playful tone of many of the other groups that came out of that collective, like Neutral Milk Hotel and Beulah, all influenced by the likes of The Who, The Beach Boys and the Beatles.


After a few years, of Montreal turned into more of an electronic-based band, then a funk-based one, then a 70s garage band with hints of country. With their thirteenth and latest full-length album, Aureate Gloom, they’ve once again transformed into their newest incarnate: total 70s New York perforated art punks.

Kevin was going through a very dark and stormy period in his life while writing Aureate Gloom – he spent two weeks in New York City wandering around Chelsea, Greenwich Village, SoHo and Chinatown, imagining his life as Patti Smith or James Chance 40 years ago. He then went back to Athens to demo tracks before finally recording at Sonic Ranch, just across the border from Juarez, Mexico in the Texan desert. The result is a raw and unreserved set of emotions that pour out on one of the most unwavering albums the band has ever made.
The corresponding artwork appearing on our Series Four labels is by David Barnes, Kevin’s brother, AKA thebeewithwheels. He is the creative mastermind behind the band’s album artwork, semi-permanent brimstone gliders and the occasional distillation of Myth Myst™ for of Montreal. He is inspired by science, the strangeness of reality, the possibility of fantasy, the iconography of religions and just all around craziness of life.

Check out David’s work on Facebook while learning more about of Montreal on their website ofmontreal.net, on their record label, Polyvinyl’s, site here, and also more here and here.


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