Russia-born Oleg Portnoy creates dynamic illustrations full of life and character that can be seen in publications and campaigns across the continent. The Series Three artist moved from Russia to Israel at age 8, and then to Canada at age 10, where he later earned his Bachelor of Applied Arts and Illustration from Sheridan College, and his Master in Design from York University.




Now Toronto-based, Oleg has worked with several agencies, as well as creating freelance illustrations. He is currently a designer with Anomaly, an international marketing and communications firm, and has won many awards and received countless recognition for his work from organizations like Applied Arts, the Marketing Awards, and CMYK Magazine. You can also find his work featured in publications such as The National Post, and one of our personal favourites, TAPS: The Beer Magazine.



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When considering the illustrations, many have an old school print-like aesthetic, while the images themselves are full of life; exaggerated, eye-catching, and even extreme. These expressive pieces of art vary in style, however, showcasing the breadth of Oleg’s abilities and imagination. While some are more traditional, others have cartoonish expression and fluidity. He has also experimented with typography, creating figures out of words in addition to using them to surround his illustrations and embellish a piece. This ability to create such a diverse array of subjects and styles is certainly one of the keys to his success as a designer, although his distinct aesthetic shines through every time.

You can find more from Oleg Portnoy at his website, or take a look at his full portfolio on Behance. You can also follow him on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on where his work is being featured.


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