You may have heard of one Daniel Boeckner, the B.C.-born frontman for a little band called Wolf Parade. And Handsome Furs. And Divine Fits. Welp, hes back in a big way with his new band, Series Fours highly danceable Operators.

Boeckner experienced a catharsis during and after Divine Fits’ first album. ‘A Thing Called Divine Fits’ was essentially a break up record, coloured by three devastating blows to Boeckner: the very public breakup of Wolf Parade, the ending of his marriage to Alexei Perry and as such, the ending of the couple’s electric-rock duo Handsome Furs.




The cathartic light at the end of his long tunnel is his latest project: Operators. Operators was born from the downtime after Divine Fits member Britt Daniel had to get back his other band, Spoon. From restlessness came new music: Boeckner started the Operators trio with Divine Fits drummer Sam Brown and multi-instrumentalist Devojka, a Macedonian musician who’s own solo career had her playing all over the U.S. and Macedonia. You following all this okay? Good.

Operators’ sound can be likened to sunny drive through California – reflecting the time Boeckner spent writing in the west coast. It seems like with Operators, he’s been able to bring rock and electronics together in a seamless way. Synths replaced guitars and the music became a melding of textures from both Handsome Furs and Divine Fits. It’s “sci-fi dance punk music,” as Boeckner calls it.

The short & sweet debut album EP1 comes in at only 22 minutes, and features five bright songs, all recorded in Montreal. The first single “True” is full of enthusiasm for a new chapter in Boeckner’s life. (Get it here.)

Operators were set to be on a cross North America tour supporting The New Pornographers, but, due to VISA issues, had to cancel their U.S. shows this month. You can still check out (and dance to) the band out on their website: www.operatorsmusic.com, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.



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