Packaging Operator

Hamilton, ON - Ongoing

Position Summary

This position is responsible for the operation of the various packaging lines in the brewery (ex. bottling, canning, kegging). 

Duties and responsibilities

  • Preform all work safely and with the upmost concern for the safety of self and other employees while complying with all health and safety standards as well as department policies and procedures
  • Keep a professional attitude in stressful situations
  • Maintain a clean and orderly work environment as directed by brewery policies and procedures
  • Must be able to work overtime as required
  • Reports directly to the Packaging Supervisor
  • Must be able to stay focused and pay attention to the product and packaging operations for long periods of time
  • Develop, maintain and nurture a positive work environment
  • Preform other related duties as required

Qualifications, Experience and Skills/Knowledge


  • High school graduation or equivalent


  • Packaging experience in the brewing industry or a related field is an asset


  • Basic verbal, written and reporting skills

Working conditions

  • Dealing with simultaneous multiple demands which must be attended to “on the spot”.
  • Work requiring attention to detail, subject to frequent, regular interruptions that require immediate attention.
  • Peak periods requiring an accelerated work pace over which you have no control, or deadlines creating daily pressure.

Work involving:

  • Safety of others
  • Highly repetitive and/or monotonous tasks.

Physical requirements

  • Heavy Physical Effort – (e.g., carrying/lifting heavy items,  transferring/lifting or pushing items, working in awkward positions, operating heavy equipment, or holding body in one position for a prolonged period of time)
  • Sitting, standing, long periods

Direct reports

  • Packaging Lead Hand

Interested applicants can send resumes to

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