Series Four’s Rachael Saunders is a freelance illustrator currently based in the UK. Her art can best be described as bright and whimsy, with a touch of humour.

Rachael recently graduated from Falmouth University in Cornwall in 2014, with a first class degree in illustration. Throughout her work, vibrant colours, shapes and textures are prominently seen, reminiscent of the fantastical and bold imagery often found in kids’ literature. In fact, many of her illustrations are derived from design, and she is particularly inspired by the rich printed aesthetic of 1960’s children’s books and the work of Miroslav Šašek.



Her art has appeared as Christmas designs for Harrods, book jackets, event posters, and in a most beautiful brochure she created exploring the flora and fauna in Antoni Gaudi’s park after a trip to Barcelona. Her recognizable illustrations have also made their way in the pages of The Wall Street Journal and The Telegraph, among others.

We loved Rachael’s light and fun vibe so much – evoking summer and good times – that we asked her to help us out with the design for our Collective Arts Summer Beer Fest Tour 2015. The result is exactly us: vivid, free-spirited and creative. [If you’re in Ontario, you will want to check out exactly where you can find us all summer here.]



To view more of Rachael’s work, please visit her website, www.rachaelsaunders.co.uk, and/or on Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest. PLUS, you can purchase her prints on Etsy!



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