Rachelle Sabourin


Rachelle Sabourin

With her 35mm film in hand, Rachelle Sabourin scours Toronto, producing distinctive and unique images. This up-and-coming photographer candidly captures street culture while continuing to expand her multitude of talents along the way.

If there’s one thing that can be said about 35mm film is that it’s nitty gritty real. The grain and blurs all add to the ‘art’ of the photo. Rachelle Sabourin, Art History student at York University and Series One Artist, rarely edits her beautifully raw work for this very reason, focusing instead on in-camera manipulation including double-exposure, as seen in her ‘Fortune’  piece appearing on our labels. One look through her Flickr page reveals more real; photographs depicting young adult life in the city play with light and shadow in an alluring way – inviting the viewer into Rachelle’s world, one that is familiar with a hint of magic.




Rachelle has been moving forwards with her career in new ways, recently dabbling in the writing field as an editorial intern for both 12oz Prophet and Complex Art & Design, really focusing on street art and culture. Photography acts as her assistant in capturing the culture that surrounds her. Documenting her life and the elements around her has helped Rachelle grow as she dives deeper into getting to know her city. We hope this leads to the visual discovery of many more cities to come.

You can follow her journey through articles and other opinion and photography pieces on her Facebook page.


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