“Rhyme & Reason” (Extra Pale Ale) Collective Arts Brewing

By: Dale Schierbeck

To be great doesn’t make you good; to be good, however, requires greatness.

So that’s my paradoxical aphorism for the month of May, inspired by a company that, to look at the box and the bottles within, already has greatness written all over it. And I mean really impressive greatness. This is six pack of beer that had me going “Wow” before I even got in line with it at the LCBO to complete my purchase.

I love the name; I really love the name. When so much commercialization and production seems to happen for no other rhyme or reason than “to make money,” this is a beer that inspires me … inspires greatness in me. And I conjecture that if I and others aspire to be great, then we will certainly do much goodness in the process.

As such, this name is near perfect for a collective that is using beer as marketing tool to promote the “inspired talents of emerging and seasoned artists, musicians, photographers and filmmakers.” In short, artists who themselves have a rhyme and reason to what they’re doing. And there was certainly a rhyme and reason for why I made this purchase and it is a purchase that at once appealed to my social conscience and desire to support both my extended community, a craftsman, and responsible company. So, on the surface, they are as great as the Ottawa Valley’s own Beau’s Brewery for their vision and passion.

Read the rest of the review of Rhyme & Reason here.

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Collective Arts Brewing