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Introducing Rich Aucoin, our first featured artist. Rich is a Canadian indie rock musician, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Rich’s label caught the Collective jury’s attention immediately and after further investigation we found that his  music, videos,  and stage performance have just as much colorful impact. We’re proud to announce Rich’s selection as a premier Series One label.  

Collective Arts recently caught up with Aucoin to find out what he’s been up to and what lies ahead.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time touring and writing and enjoying France. I just played a series of Festivals in Europe including Eurockeennes in Belfort France, Best Kept Secret in Amsterdam, and Calvi on the Rocks in Corsica. At Eurock, I played a crazy show in the bar car of a SNCF train, getting audience members to hold the speakers on their shoulders, getting group huddles in the middle of the car which were augmented by the occasional jarring from the turn of the train.”

“We got to Belfort for the amazing 3-hour “golden hour” that seems to exist in late June and early July.”


“I’m playing Osheaga Tree Stage and doing an interpretation of Daft Punk for an after party that night. It should be really fun. There’s going to be an crazy lighting instillation during my performance from an interactive projections company.”

“I’m playing on an island in the middle of the Halifax harbour this summer called George’s Island followed by a headlining performance for this year’s Pride celebrations in Halifax. All in the same weekend!”

“(I’m) Headlining ‘All Caps’ Festival in Toronto this summer.”

“I’ve been working on a new album sporadically while touring since the spring.”

Keep up the good work Rich. We can’ wait to hear your new album.

To watch the music video for Rich Aucoin’s “It” check out his profile on our Series One artists page. More info on Rich and his music can be found at

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