Robert John Paterson

Featured Artist

0308_UGS4892Illustrator, designer, print marker and proudly Canadian, Robert John Paterson is one of the artists found on the Series Six labels. His work is not only on a bottle label, but can be found on the Saint of Circumstance can.

Equal parts 1940s Science Fiction Movies and 1960s Graphic Design, he approaches each illustration with the goal of expressing the most while showing the least. He says, “I tell stories with my pictures by communicating complex ideas with simplified shapes and colour.”

After graduated from OCADU’s prestigious Illustration program he has been working on short contracts and freelance projects from his studio in Kensington Market, Toronto. [Prints available online]



The label artwork is titled ‘Qu Appelle River‘ This piece was created in 2015 for his illustration thesis at OCAD University on Canadian Folklore. The Qu’ Appelle River in Sasquatchewan got its name from a Cree Indian legend about a man hearing voices call out to him on his way home from a hunting trip. After a long night on the river and the voice relentlessly calling to him, he finally arrived home to learn his wife had died. The story speaks to the age old battle between work and family, and how providing for your family with hard work isn’t necessarily justified if you don’t spend enough time with those you love. Qu’ Appelle translates to Who Calls? and it is a constant reminder asking us why we do what we do.


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