Scott McElroy

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Scott McElroy is a Calgary-based self taught artist, born and raised in Grimsby, Ontario. specializing in urban neo-expressionism focusing mainly in acrylics, oils and pastels.

Scott has displayed his work at joint and solo art shows in Calgary to wide reception, has sold pieces to collectors all over Europe, Australia and North America and has a growing list of celebrity clients including Shia LaBeouf, Nick Offerman & Kirsten Dunst.

In addition to selling his work, Scott also Rummages through back alleys for scrap wood and garbage to paint on and re-release into the streets.

What stands out for you as one of your favourite career highlights so far?

More than anything, art has allowed me to meet some amazing and creative people. When I hosted my first solo exhibition, I was filled with nerves and self doubt but to be supported by so many people and to have such talented musicians (Jesse Plemmons, Lauren Mann) play my show made the night an absolute highlight. Additionally, I have been able to meet and share my pieces with some people whose work I greatly admire as well including Shia Labeouf, Kirsten Dunst & Nick Offerman.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on putting together a series of portraits based on old photographs and pop culture throughout history, as well as a collaboration with a friend and Calgary photographer, Curtis Dez, on a street portrait series. The point of all of this is to find and expose the beauty in both ordinary and extraordinary things and hopefully breathe new life into people’s stories that often go untold.

How’d you get started as an artist?

I have been drawing, doodling or painting since I was a young kid; somewhere after high-school I forgot about it all. When I moved into my own apartment it was my opportunity to decorate it how I wanted and I’d be caught dead before decorating it with big box store art so I picked up the paintbrush again. After the passion was reinvigorated, I started chasing more and more artistic expression and opportunities, until I had gotten to the point where I could call myself a “professional artist”.

Who or what influences your art?

My artist influences are Basquiat, George Condo, Picasso, David Hockney, Captain Beefheart, and the list goes on and on. Aside from other artists, I try and find influence in every day life, whether it’s someone I see sitting at a bus stop, old poster boards on a building, a scene from a film, an old photograph or just pure emotion

What is your creative process like?

I usually dive right into paintings in the “trial by fire” method. I don’t do studies or practice runs. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but I’ve found it’s the best way for me to capture something in the moment I’m feeling it. When I paint, I like to immerse myself in the work so I will usually spend hours and hours on end working on a piece, fuelled by coffee, beer and wine depending on the time of day and when I paint a piece I’m not happy with or I don’t feel I’ve captured the image, I paint over it and try something new.

How do you feel our Art + Brewing initiative can benefit emerging artists?

When I first heard about Collective Arts, while home in Ontario visiting family, I was immediately intrigued and impressed to find a company with such an original and effective idea for supporting the arts. I think the imaginative and independent nature of this form of advertising and support runs parallels with the independent nature of art itself. The exposure afforded to artists through Collective arts is an amazing way to bring exposure to people in different markets and areas of the country and continent that otherwise, an artist may not get exposure to. Bringing art into peoples homes through the power of sweet, sweet nectar…I dig it.

Instagram: @klammchwdr

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