Series Two – Now accepting submissions

After the success and national/international exposure of our inaugural Label Series One launch, where we partnered with over 90 artists, musicians, filmmakers and photographers to showcase their art on our beer bottles, we at Collective Arts Brewing are announcing the call for our second installment in the series, starting NOW, September 26, 2013. We love all things art and have a passion for taking creativity to new heights, so we’re looking for like-minded talents like yourselves to be a part of this revolutionary foray into art with us.

As an artist, illustrator, designer, musician, filmmaker or photographer, we would like to feature your work on our Rhyme & Reason Extra Pale Ale bottles, creating a seriously cool collaboration.

Series Two artists will be chosen by a select jury of industry notables. Our last call for art yielded submissions from across the globe. Artists and musicians from Canada, the US, the UK, France, Ireland, Italy and Russia were featured.

All participants will be considered for a chance to showcase their art on our bottle labels, raising the creative consciousness and revolutionizing the way we drink and enjoy beer; all while gaining the attention of the the global art market. This is your chance to position yourself amongst an impressive community of A-list artists from our first inaugural series including musicians Rich Aucoin, Young Galaxy, Polaris Music Prize 2013 short-list finalists, filmmakers Sherpas Cinemas featuring INTO THE MIND, artists Samantha Chiusolo, Tyler Coey and Monika Grubizna, among other talented greats. See the full list of our Label Series One artists here.

Our beer, Rhyme & Reason Extra Pale Ale, has been developed by our inspired brewmaster-in-residence, Ryan Morrow. We want to continue the creativity of our beer-making process and bring innovation to the outside of our bottles.

All selected work is credited to the artist on the label and will be linked to your bio and video, sound track, motion graphics, and multi-media asset you have to support your work. Utilizing a unique smartphone app, BLIPPAR, your videos, music, motion graphics and information about you and your art will come to life on beer drinkers’ phones.

Collective Arts Brewing. ART + BREWING.  Be a part of the movement, Submit your Art!

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