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Session beers of summer


Good news for beer lovers: flavourful and easy are becoming less mutually exclusive. These low-impact, locally brewed beers won’t rob you of your reason and kick your ass. Cheers to that!


Collective Arts Saint of Circumstance

Rating NNN

Why Saint of Circumstance is best on a scorching day when it can fulfill its purpose as a painless chain-drinkable summer brew with inviting citrus aromas. Those worshipping at the high altar of flavour might find Saint of Circumstance too thin on the finish, but I definitely wouldn’t boot it out of my fridge for being too easy. Since you’re hitting the LCBO, might as well snatch a pack of Collective Arts’ tasty Rhyme And Reason APA, too.

4.7% ABV

Price 6 x 355 ml/$12.95 (on sale till July 20)

Availability LCBO 379966

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