Sherpas Cinema

Utilizing the latest cutting edge filmmaking techniques, inventive visual FX and motion graphics, this production house based in Whistler, BC is impressing audiences worldwide with their breathtaking (and heart-stopping) sports films.  After the world premiere of their latest feature, Into The Mind, in Whistler, they are taking to the road on a World Tour to debut their story about rising to the challenge mentally and physically. Next stop, Toronto.



Following the award-winning film, “All.I.Can”, Into The Mind is a stunning masterpiece of cinematography. The innovative minds behind Sherpas Cinema (also one of Collective Arts Brewing’s Series One artists) blur the lines between a dream state and reality to take you deep into the mind of a common skier as he attempts to climb and ski the ultimate mountain. What results is a palpitation-inducing ride as you experience the grandeur of Alaska, Bolivia, the Himalaya and beyond right along with the skier. A journey of self-discovery and perseverance to attain the unattainable, Into The Mind is not to be missed.

Find out more about the film and Sherpas Cinema (including links to download Into The Mind on iTunes), as well as city premiere dates here.

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