Shy Kids

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Walter Woodman, Matthew Hornick, and Patrick Cederberg are collectively known as “shy kids” and hail from the same city that brought to you Drake and Justin Bieber. Both filmmakers and musicians, they weave in and out of different sonic storm clouds to create colourful kaleidoscopic worlds for their songs and stories to live in.

laying a sold out headline show at The Drake Hotel, being nominated for Prism Prize, honestly being on a beer bottle is maybe the greatest achievement

What are you currently working on?
We are currently working on a new album/ep that is about making it in the land of dreams. You can vote on what our next single is going to be on our site right now.

How did you get started?
We got started after playing sir-mix-a-lot’s “Baby Got Back” at a talent show. We won the talent show and we’ve been together since then!

Where do you get inspiration from?
We have always been very eclectic as a band. The most recent material is heavily influenced by The Band, Neil Young, Meatloaf. Very theatrical.

What’s your creative process like?
The creative process is always changing. Usually we grab a couple of collective arts brews and go from there.

Art + Brewing – how does this initiative help emerging artists like you?
It is genius to team artists up with beer. Music and Beer go hand in hand. To showcase our art on your awesome beer is a win-win for the fans and getting new people to imbue the delicious beer. It’s genius and we will one day write a song about it.






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