Q: Who likes the popping of homemade popcorn, tulips andBlue Mondayby New Order, but dislikes fruits and burgundy houses? 

A: Silvia Mauri, Italian illustrator and Series Three artist extraordinaire.

The term ‘forever young’ can be applied to our Series Three artist from Milan. Not that she’s in her twilight years yet by any means. Mauri is just able to be in-tune with her inner child in the most earnest way, earning her a distinct aesthetic of bright colours and almost cartoon-like paintings.


She studied at Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze then started her art career in Milan. She may have received her technical education at the academy, but her work (which is 99% digital) is largely inspired by kindergarten doodles. Bizarre shapes make up her animal and human figures, which can be found in everything from illustrations for children’s books to adult publications and magazines. Even music and beer labels. 😉

We love Mauri’s style and see really bright & playful things ahead. Follow her progress (and find out more about her likes and dislikes) on her Facebook, and/or website:



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