Set your adrenaline to stun with this two-piece guitar & drum band from Montreal. SolidsXavier Germain-Poitras and Louis Guillemette know how to turn noise into solid music (pun intended), which is why these Series Three-ers were the headliners at Collective Artsthird launch party introducing our latest roster of artists. Killed it, obviously.


Blame Confusion


Solids, who are signed to the awesome Dine Alone Records, have perfected the art of intense music that strangely; perfectly, bleeds melody. Listening to the duo, you’ll likely hear that their inspirations come from alt-rock’s early-’90s bands like Sonic Youth, Superchunk, and Dinosaur Jr.  They do, however, leave the general 90s slacker mentality behind when it comes to their songs. Unabashed and hardcore energy is prominent throughout their debut album, ‘Blame Confusion’ – which you can order through iTunes here. They bring this signature vigor at live shows, too, whether playing at major festivals like SXSW, Osheaga, POP Montreal, The Great Escape and Sled Island, or in some packed and humid, decrepit basement.

Happy to report that Solids are currently playing shows across Canada, so check out dates here and give your ears something actually worth bleeding about.

For more on this Series Three band, we highly suggest you head to their website,, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Bandcamp.



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