By definition, via, a ‘session’ beer is “…any beer that contains no higher than 5 percent ABV, featuring a balance between malt and hop characters and, typically, a clean finish – a combination of which creates a beer with high drinkability.”

On point, guys. Session ales are enjoying a popularity surge at the moment for that very reason. But make no mistake – just because there is a lower ABV. percentage does not mean this type of beer skimps on flavour. Which is where State of Mind comes in.

State of Mind is the latest in our line up, and it is one hop-forward Session IPA. The palate and aroma hit you with notes of tropical fruit and orange, followed by background hints of grapefruit and pine. While being full flavoured, this session IPA is amazingly light bodied, crisp and extremely drinkable. We like to say it contains big taste to satisfy the hop bomb lover but with a lower ABV.

Our brewmaster, Ryan Morrow, elaborates, “Session ales, and IPAs specifically, have become extremely popular because they offer the drinker the huge hop flavour and aroma, while keeping the ABV. to a minimum. This means craft beer drinkers can enjoy more of that great hoppy-ness without the alcohol/volume of a typical IPA.”

So yes, you can go ahead and enjoy this beer and, a couple of more.

State of Mind is currently available at bars/restaurants across Ontario, in both bottles and draft, and will be hitting retail early 2015.





  1. […] Plate the hash, top with a poached egg and garnish with fresh chopped parsley and serve with your choice of craft beer . Our choice is Collective Arts State of Mind Session Ale. […]


  2. custer complaint – is this beer suppose to have a cloudiness to it? Please let me know asap.



  3. Dislike you policy on growlers. Thought it was law in Ontario to offer a refund on the deposit. I was charged $ 7.50 deposit. Tried to return it to your location and was advised that you do not accept returns. This I learned after I had four growlers. Took them back to the beer store and got 30 cents for three. You owe me $ 22.20

    Don’t buy a growler.


    • Hi Garth,

      We’re sorry to hear about the mishap you have experienced with the growlers. Our 1L and 1.98L bottles are a item we sell out of our retail store, as a keepsake to our customers, that allows you to re-use them and purchase beer on draught, at the best price for you! Growlers are not government regulated bottles, like a 355mL from a six pack or a tall can, so there is no deposit on them. It is rather an outright purchase. We are sorry if there was any confusion to this when purchasing. We do our best to have all retail employees state this, as well as keep our pricing on display broken out to help with understanding.

      Very best.


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