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Stephane Defago was born in Jallieu (Isère) France. He graduated in graphic design from the School of Decorative Arts of Geneva in Switzerland. He landed at Mirabel airport in 1994 and he’s been a professional member of “Illustration Québec” since 1999. This Series Six, French-Canadian illustrator is label #68 with his artwork titled BREWJAZZ.

Stephane works part-time as a freelance professional illustrator, and full-time as a store man, his work has been selected in magazines such as: American Illustration, Annual Art, 3×3, Communication Art, Lux and Applied Arts.


SLJDF-C272               CLEFS272


Right now, he is working on a solo Exhibition project in the form of limited edition digital prints, producing images outside the practice of professional illustration and exploring topics and forms that help him develop a more personal language. For that purpose, he uses an architectural grid system that can give a 3D perspective which eventually mutates into a two-dimensional view; flat surfaces opposing shaded volumes, and also creation of “bestiary” typical characters, inspired among others of comics, manga, and traditional tales…
BREWLION-P72               14ca688a75187c7e7493f6e545a3fdc6
When he’s in good company, he drinks strong ales, aromatic and robust wines from everywhere and anywhere but that does not happen every day…

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