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Hamilton. The city once known as ‘Steeltown’ is now a hotbed of culture – musically, artistically and culinarily. From James Street North Art Crawl to The Arkells, it’s producing talent faster than you can say ‘Stelco and Defasco.’ We can also add Steven Twigg to that growing list.




Known for his humourous wordplay and eye-catching imagery, Steven Twigg is an illustrator, animator, designer hybrid who uses quirky outlandishness to make a statement about society’s state of living.



A perfect example is his animated short, ‘A Bird’s Eye View,’ which appears in our Label Series One. It focuses on a pigeon named Willard who lives a simple life yet Twigg somehow manages to turn it into an “exaggerated metaphor for our own.” Watch and see for yourself. He’s also worked with the Hamilton Arts Council on a public art project in 2012 called King William Street Artwalk that helped turn the city’s sidewalks into a pop-up gallery of sorts.

Twigg Tentacle Spectacle1

Twigg Tentacle Spectacle 2

His ‘Tentacle Spectacle’ bench mock-up was indeed odd but illustrated his outlook on the direction Hamilton was headed in the quintessential Steven Twigg way: just like the tentacles on the bench, artists are grabbing hold of and supporting Hamilton as a whole; transforming the city into a renewed artist haven. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Twigg is certainly one to watch, and we’re eager to see him grow and flourish. Keep up-to-date by Following him on Twitter, and be sure to pick up a copy of his uber-cool, The Un-Zine.

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