Tasting Notes: Collective Arts State of Mind Session IPA

By: Dave Robson

Collective Arts. It’s the little brewery that could. Back in December of 2013, when they launched with just one beer that had ninety different labels, each celebrating a different musician, artist, photographer, or filmmaker, a lot of people (like yours truly) thought the whole enterprise was neat but slightly Pollyanna-ish.

Now, just over a year later, Collective Arts is a fixture in trendy bars and restaurants, the go-to brew for up and coming artists, and an all-round sessionable choice. They aren’t reinventing the wheel in terms of brewing, but they are turning out good craft product that comes with a conversation starter in the form of their third series of artist labels. Hey, who are Junior Battles? Let me just pull out my phone and check—oh, new punk band. Now I have some new music—and you have a new beer—to check out.


Pale gold, small, fast-dissipating white head. Mild hoppy aroma with a little wheat and banana. Robust hoppiness on the front of the palate, with notes of copper, grapefruit, and yeast. Smooth and light mouthfeel. Sessionable? Oh yes. Slightly bitter finish.

Read the full piece here.

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Collective Arts Brewing