Thank You Boston & Connecticut!

For the last two weeks, the Collective team has been travelling through Boston, and Connecticut on a mission to share our passion of art plus brewing. In order for this to work, we not only needed some help along the way, but we needed the warm welcome that we were so graciously given. A big thanks goes out to the Craft Brewers Guild of Massachusetts, and Connecticut who spent day after day with us showing us the ropes. Although in retrospect, without their stellar sales staff, we may not of SOLD out of beer in the first few days!

Our week in Boston started in Harvard Square with the help from The Sinclair- a seriously awesome music venue. Next, we set up shop at Liquid Art House. The folks here display beautiful art pieces around their contemporary venue, and we couldn’t think of a better match for a Tap Takeover.

We held an industry party in Somerville on a Wednesday night, and were humbled by the turnout. Thursday, Meadhall (they have over 100 tap lines!) put our whole range on tap and they even let us sign their wall!

To finish off the epic week, the team met up at Davis Square on Friday and surfed around Five Horses Tavern, Red Bones BBQ, Foundry on Elm, & Joshua Tree, before we ended up at Stoddard’s. Thanks to everyone who trickled in and followed us on our beer-drinking journey!

Week two in Connecticut commenced at Cask Republic and Birch Hill Tavern. Each night we held not one, but TWO Tap Takeovers. We hit up The Jealous Monk, The Outer Space, The Social, Eli Cannons during the week, and our Series 5 Artists Madaila helped us celebrate on Thursday at Three Sheets. We ended the week at Beer Collective.

All of this enormous success wouldn’t of been possible without the incredible support we received the second we crossed the border. To everyone who let us walk in your door and tell you about ourselves, thanks for your time. To everyone who hosted a Tap Takeover for us, thanks for believing in us. And to everyone who bought a can of beer or 10 cases of beer, thanks for helping us grow and share our passion for great beer.

We’ve got more fresh beer coming your way. Look out for our products back in stock the week of Oct. 10th, in both Massachusetts and Connecticut! If you’re interested in having Collective Arts in your retail store, bar, pub or restaurant, please contact


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