It may be a little pretentious, a little hyperbolic, to call beer “art”. Brewing is a scientific process: you take individual components, combine them with heat  in a controlled and sterile environment, allow an organic process to occur (fermentation), and (provided you do everything the same each time) come out with a somewhat consistent end-product. The macros literally have brewing down to an exact science: every bottle of Coors Light tastes exactly like every other bottle.

Nevertheless, there is certainly some art, some finesse, some je ne sais quoi involved with making good beer. There are dozens are variables that can affect the taste, smell and colour of beer, hurdles that brewmasters come up against everyday. And when you find that perfect beer, the one that tastes exactly like you wanted it to taste, who’s to say that sublime experience isn’t a work of art?

The good folks at Collective Arts Brewing couldn’t agree more, and they’ve decided to take things one step further, putting art both in the bottle and ON the bottle.

Read the rest of the piece here.

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Collective Arts Brewing