The art of drinking from the bottle

By: Tommy Gardner

Stowe man launches unique brewery in Canada that partners with artists

It’s been said not to judge a book by its cover, but what about a beer?

A new Canadian brewery is matching its small-batch artisan beers with limited-run interactive labels featuring artists from all over the world.

Collective Arts is a Toronto brewery, so one would be hard-pressed to find the beer anywhere around here, or anywhere stateside, for that matter. But all the cutting-edge creativity on the outside of the bottles comes right through Stowe.

“We call it the most refreshing art in the world,” said Canadian native and current Stowe resident Bob Russell, who co-founded Collective Arts with Matt Johnston.

Every bottle of Collective Arts features a unique label with artwork from relatively new, regional or underground artists. In the initial run, 93 artists are featured, some of them painters or photographers, some of them musicians or filmmakers. Each artist label appears on 2,500 bottles.

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Collective Arts Brewing