The Beers That Winter Brings

By: Brendan Ross

We’re Canadians. We can take whatever foul weather winter throws at us… especially after a couple of drinks. Here are some warming beers to help you get through the cold months.

The holidays are approaching, the weather is getting cold, and birds across the country have already said, “Eff this, I’m out of here.” In other words, winter has arrived. And with that, brewers both local and international are putting out beers designed not so much to refresh as to knock you on your ass. Perhaps it’s a defence mechanism for the brutal days ahead. Either way, the robust beers of winter are appearing at pubs and liquor stores across the city. Here are some to enjoy, and some ways to enjoy them.

Local Beers for a Cold Evening

Toronto’s Collective Arts Brewing has an awesome mandate—collaborating with local painters, graphic artists, musicians, and filmmakers—and some great-tasting beer to back it up. The brewery’s first release, the Rhyme and Reason Extra Pale Ale, is on LCBO shelves now. It’s a pleasantly hoppy ale with notes of citrus and pine and a lingering taste of grapefruit, and it’s totally sessionable (beer lingo for, ‘Drink several’). And with individual labels created by local and international artists, it’ll help you look sophisticated in front of your wine snob friends.

See the rest of the list here.

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Collective Arts Brewing