The Brewery


Welcome the Collective Arts Brewery. The historic building at 207 Burlington St. E. in Hamilton was purpose-built by brewer Andrew Peller in 1947, since then Brading Brewery, Carling, Amstel, Henniger and Lakeport brewed here. Labatt closed the brewery in 2010 after buying Lakeport, and stripped the building of all signs of brewing.

Today, after 20 months of planning and construction, we have revived the brewery bring beer back to the people of Hamilton. We are proud to say, our brews are “Made in Hamilton”. Our first brew took place on June 21, 2015 and we kegged our first batch just in time for the Because Beer Festival in Hamilton this summer.

Our craft beer store, tasting room and The Collective Arts Gallery are now open and soon we’ll be conducting brewery tours. We could not have asked for a more perfect place to continue sharing ART + BREWING with you. Keep checking back here for all the latest news about our brewery, and events and new brews.

We could not do this without the participation and support of the artists and our drinkers for whom we say a massive thank you and cheers!

Matt & Bob




Building: 65,000 sq. ft. houses the brewery, fermentation, packaging lines, dry good storage, tasting room, craft beer retail, gallery and offices

Brewhouse: 50bbl 5 vessel brewhouse

Fermentation: 35,000 Hectoliters

Packaging: Bottling, canning and kegging.




Collective Arts Brewing