WE’LL BE BREWING MAY 1st, just in time for the May 2-4 long weekend.

After 18 months of planning, renovating and commissioning, we are beginning to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. We’re optimistically predicting that we will be brewing our first batch of beer in early May. We are pumped (pun intended) to be able to bring brewing back to Hamilton and to continue the deep-rooted tradition of brewing that began in 1947 when Hungarian immigrant Andrew Peller decided that Hamilton needed a brewery.

To celebrate another chapter in the city’s historic beer landscape, here’s a sneak peak of our brewery progression:


Above: The brewery floor. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE


Spotless cement floor + Fermenters = Stainless Brewhouse heaven.


The Brewhouse: Steps leading to Brewmaster Ryan Morrow’s magic kingdom.


The Brewhouse deck: 50bbl and 5 vessels – that’s a lot of tasty brews!


More fermenters. Can’t have enough of these bad boys.


Bottling line, getting ready to be assembled.

See you in May for a glass of Hamilton’s soon-to-be finest brew!



7 Responses to “THE BREWERY UPDATE”

  1. I’m giddy with excitement. Looking forward to stopping by when open to the public.


  2. Huge progress…. Can’t wait to taste your brews from the new facility ! Cheers ! Steve


  3. Congrats to all involved

    Save some for your friends at the Festival


  4. Great. looking forward to seing the plant & trying the brews. Thanks.


  5. Here is to hoping that the port authority/city of hamilton quickly settle their issues. Also looking forward to visit and enjoying one of the tastiest locally brewed pale ales around!


  6. So proud to see this collaboration come together here in Hamilton. Very excited to see the finished product and taste the brews. Congrats to all involved on making this happen! When can one expect to see more job openings?


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