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The Ultimate Victoria Day Two-Four!

Crystal Luxmore

Torontonians are a hearty sort, breaking out the shorts and slip-ons as soon as the temperature inches into double digits. It’s understandable, especially after this winter’s relentless parade of snow, ice storms, and blackouts—hell, we’ve earned the right to ditch a couple layers and crack open a beer (or 24). Don’t know where to start? After some diligent swigging, The Grid has assembled your ultimate case. Choose between thirst-quenching watermelon wheats and rhubarb sours, all-day on-the-dock sippers like Nickel Brook’s Naughter Neighbour and Junction’s Brakeman’s Ale, and beautiful boozers like Great Lakes’ Robohop and Flying Monkeys’ El Toro Bravo. Then grab some pals, set up camp on your stoop or deck or backyard, and raise a glass to warm long weekends.


Saint of Circumstance
Collective Arts Brewing Company, Ont.

This unfiltered blonde ale is infused with citrus fruits and bittered with floral, fruity American hops, making for a fresh springtime tipple. A softer ale with a full body, try it with potato salad and grilled trout. $14/6 x 355-ml bottles, LCBO.

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