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Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, The Walkervilles are heavily influenced with  soulful rock sounds from neighbouring Detroit. As the birthplace of Motown, that comes as no surprise.

Three musically gifted fellows form The Walkervilles, including Pat Robitaille, AKA sultry voice, Michou member Michael Hargreaves, AKA poppy bass, and Stefan Cvetkovic, AKA drum beat guru. There is much to talk to about with these guys who grew up across from one of the greatest musical towns in the history of the world. We caught up with the band to see just how deep-seated those Detroit Rock City influences are.


Coming from Windsor, you’re obviously very close to Detroit. There are some clear rock yet poppy Motown influences to The Walkervilles. Do you find your sound changing as Detroit’s plight gets a bit more serious?

Our sound is influenced by a dream that existed in Detroit in the 1960s that began with Berry Gordy (Motown Label founder). The dream was that a good song, a good beat, and an appreciation of jazz and blues could take poor kids from the street and turn them into superstars.

Berry took artists and developed them in an assembly line fashion; he gave them a sound, a look and a feel. He equipped his artists with songs, outfits and a professional etiquette that allowed the individual’s talent to shine.

Bankruptcy has only revived this dream.

Right on. Onto a lighter topic – you are on a beer bottle label. What was your reaction to finding out that you were picked to be a part of Collective Arts Brewing’s Series One artists?

It was very exciting to see ourselves on a bottle of beer. We can’t wait to try it for the full experience.

You just finished a tour – what’s been the funniest moment from being on the road?

November 17th we performed at Massey Hall in Toronto with the Tedeschi Trucks Band and the number 17 kept popping up everywhere that day: Our two hotel rooms at different hotels were rooms 1717 and 1701. We also drove 17 hours straight from Thunder Bay to get to Toronto for the gig. It was becoming a bit of a joke by the end of the day that 17 would be our new lucky number.

Haha that is a bit insane. What’s next for The Walkervilles?

The Walkervilles are working on new music to be released in 2014, as well as preparing for our first show in America. We perform January 12th, 2014 at the Highline Ballroom in New York City with legendary artists Bettye LaVette and Stanley Clarke.

What a show to greet the new year!

For tickets and info on their tour, click here. For all other things The Walkervilles, check out their website, And, for the greatest rendition of Beyonce’s “Love on Top”, see below:


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