The Wall Project


The Wall Project – Hamilton, Ontario from Collective Arts Brewing on Vimeo.

Over the course of four weeks, 5 artists from Toronto, Montreal, and Hamilton brought some vibrancy to the North End of Hamilton, Ontario. The mural embodies a transitional space on the Hamilton waterfront, between the industrial east, and the redeveloping west harbour. These world-renowned artists added a vibrant landmark and a defining feature to Hamilton’s waterfront, and our home base.



Canadian-Chilean artist Shalak Attack’s work appears on our Series 3 labels, as well as on paintings, murals, canvasses, and graffiti all over Canada, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, France, Belgium, and more. A strong believer in the healing powers of art, Shalak has facilitated visual art workshops to youth of under-privileged communities and prisoners in various countries across the world. Her favourite places to paint are public walls. It’s there that she uses vibrant colours to fuse the spirit and energy of traditional South American muralist with contemporary street art style. She uses graffiti as a bridge of culture for an array of communities.


Bruno, also known as “Smoky” dedicated his life to visual art. Since childhood, drawing and being creative were always part of his life. In 2004, he began painting on walls with spray paint in Brasilandia where he grew up, a precarious neighbourhood of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Smoky has gained international and professional recognition through his artistic journeys throughout Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Argentina, Paraguay, Sweden, USA, England, and Canada.

PERU 143

Aka Peru Dyer Jalea. Trained in both traditional and digital art, and taking from his 20 years painting graffiti, Peru found his calling as a muralist. While working primarily with aerosol he prefers to distance himself from labels and limitations and continues exploring his imagination through different mediums.For Peru, imagination is not merely a place for fantasy but an expression of our inward connection to one another and to our environment. Some of Peru’s clients include Facebook, Nike, Converse, Red Bull, Bell, Cirque du Soleil and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. He currently calls Toronto ‘home’ where he lives with his wife.


Chris Dyer is a Peruvian artist living in Montreal, Canada who is better known for his Visionary art on broken Skateboards. Chris is responsible for a big part of the art done for Creation Skateboards and Satori Movement Wheels from San Francisco, California, yet his happy images can be found on skateboards all over the world. He hopes to pass on a positive message to the youth with this. Chris has traveled all over the world in search for his own answers and shows his art when possible. He’s had gallery exhibitions in places like Mexico, Belgium, Peru, France and all over the States and Canada. Positive Creations is not only about colorful paintings that hope to inspire higher vibrations in our planet, but also a Hemp Clothing Brand, Traveling Journal Books and a Music Collective. Please visit all of our web pages to find the details about all these fun projects!


A Hamilton artist, working full time as a tattooer at John Street Tattoo. You could say graffiti was the gateway drug that set Jordan on the path of visual arts and being a multimedia artist. He graduated OCADU in 2014 with a BFA in Drawing and Painting. He has been painting large scale murals for over 8 years now and jumps at any opportunity to create bigger and better works. He’s looking forward to bringing more colour and vibrancy to the North End Neighbourhood!

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